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Zephyr's Nest

Zephyr's Nest - Day of the Week Wood Folk Doll Set


Say hello to these little cuties!! These guys are our hand made peg pals, made from locally salvaged timber and the most beautiful locally hand dyed silk cloaks. They are each truly unique thanks to the natural beauty of the branches they’re crafted from. 

Perfect for Waldorf Colour of the Day Dolls, this beautiful set pairs each Wood Folk doll with a matching wooden gem and a day of the week wooden slab. 

When not in use for Colour of the Day, Wood Folk are also great for small world play, season dolls, colour matching, sorting, role play... there are so many play adventures they could join, and they are just so dang cute!

Each Wood Folk is made from solid timber, cut from salvaged or fallen branches and is individually sanded on all edges for a beautiful, soft, tactile experience.

Dressed in soft, lightweight silk to embrace the warm Australian climate, the silk has been hand torn to leave soft raw edges that drape and move fluidly. Some fraying is normal and expected after good use. We suggest trimming any loose threads and packing them away after each play to ensure tiny fingers don’t get caught in threads when left unattended. 

The small wooden gem is made from Paulownia wood and is hand dyed and sealed with a coconut/beeswax finish.

The Wood Folk are handmade in Byron Bay, from locally and ethically sourced, raw natural materials. As such, each is unique and vary slightly in size and colour. This isn’t seen as a defect, but a testament to the beauty and variety found in nature.

Wood Folk are approx. 95mm tall and have a diameter of approx. 35mm.

Stepping stone slabs are approx. 75-85mm and 10mm thick.

Gems are approx. 50mm x 40mm

NOT suitable for children under 3 years of age or older children who chew/mouth toys. To be used under adult supervision.