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Possum Kids

Possum Kids - 5 Pack Playsilks (Natural)


Playsilks are a versatile toy for children that encourages imaginative play. They can be used as a scarf to dance with, a paddock for cows to live, a tablecloth at a tea party, a peek-a-boo prop, a dolls blanket or just a silky friend to soothe your little one. You'll be surprised at the games your little ones come up with and it will be a joy to watch their creative side come out.

Each Possum Kids Playsilk is a 90cm square of 8mm Haboai silk. The hems are hand-rolled with 100% silk thread. Silk is a natural fibre that is lightweight and durable and feels that little bit special and luxurious.

The silks is dyed evenly with colourfast, non-toxic, eco friendly dye that has been safety tested for children. Please note that the colour of each silk may vary slightly as each piece is hand dyed. 

Each 5 pack of Possum Kids Playsilks comes in 2 muslin pouches. This is extra handy for keeping them away from any nasties under the pram or in your handbag while on the move with your children. Playsilks are great for entertaining your children in the car or waiting room since they are so portable.

Each Natural set comes with 5 full-size Possum Kids Playsilks in beautiful colours representing natural elements, perfect for small world play. Includes:

  • Navy (Ocean/ Sky)
  • Green (Forest/ Leaves)
  • Olive (Sand/ Dirt)
  • Gold (Sunshine/ Dandelions)
  • Red (Lava/ Earth/ Roses)

Comes with an Ideas For Play card and Care Instructions.

Care instructions:
Hand wash in lukewarm water with mild soap (baby shampoo is great). Gently squeeze out excess water and dry flat. Do not tumble dry. Iron on low heat between two handkerchiefs if desired but wrinkles come out quickly with play.