National Geographic

Nat Geo Hand Puppet - Hedgehog

The National Geographic wildlife plush hand puppet range captures the true beauty of nature, but in a slightly more huggable form.

Made from a high quality, ultra-soft plush material that feels just like real fur, these adorable creatures have a fully lined hole that’s suitable for both children and adults. Lifelike features highlight the endearing poses and colouring of the real wildlife animals - with this clever attention to detail, the adorable collection is sure to delight any nature enthusiast.

Help your child explore the wilderness of their imagination with the National Geographic’s plush hand puppet collection.

Koala Hand Puppet features:
  • Suitable for ages three and up.
  • Made from polyester fibres.
  • Filled with polypropylene pellets.
  • Fully lined hand hole.
  • Allows you to control two of the koala’s limbs, as well as their head.
  • Embroidered facial features and button eyes.
  • Includes a swing tag with fun facts about a wide range of Australian animals.
  • Proceeds from the sale of this plush toy support National Geographic’s educational and conservational programs.

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