Story Starters - Going to the Farm


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Spark your child's imagination with our beautifully designed set of 14 hand-illustrated, laser-engraved story starter discs! Comes in a drawstring carry case with an ideas card to get your started. 

Choose from four different themes:
Day in the Garden
Trip to the Beach
Adventures in Space
Going to the Farm


  • Choose a Story Starter disc from the bag and use it to start your story. Keep choosing until you finish your story or run out of discs.
  • Choose one Story Starter disc that interests you. Write a story about that picture. 
  • Choose 5 Story Starter discs from the bag and try writing a story using all of the discs. 
  • Choose a Story Starter disc and use it as inspiration for an artwork. For example, if you choose a mermaid, can you draw where she might live? 
Suitable for children from 3+ due to small parts. 

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