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Can You Recommend a Book About...Toilet Training?

Can You Recommend a Book About...Toilet Training?

One of the most common questions I get coming into my DMs usually starts with something like "Can you recommend a book about...?" I actually LOVE this question - partly because book curation is one of my favourite hobbies (and something I do a lot of now that we offer a curation service), and partly because I think it's so cool that you trust me to offer up suggestions for your children!

But many of the request are for the same topics, so I thought I'd lump them together and share in a blog series I'm aptly calling "Can You Recommend a Book About...?" - with the first in this series focusing on TOILET TRAINING

Now let's get to the recommendations- enjoy!


Toilet training is a pretty big milestone, and one that can be a bit tricky (for mum and bub alike!). A great way to get your toddler ready for this transition is by introducing books and stories about not only toilet training specifically, but also wee, poo, and the toilet/ potty itself. I've put together five of my favourite, so prepare yourself for a lot of "wee and poo talk", and let's dive in!

1. EVERYBODY POOS by Taro Gomi








"An elephant makes a big poo. A mouse makes a tiny poo... Grown ups poo. Children poo too." Everybody Poos is one of our favourites. It does a great job of normalising the idea of pooing by showing that all living things do it - animals, people, even fish! This is an especially great book for children struggling with fear or shame of pooing, or fear of using the toilet. As a bonus, we love Taro Gomi's illustrative style in this no-nonsense book.









"There's a big green frog in the toilet, and it's looking up at me! There's a big green frog in the toilet, and I'm busting for a wee!" This rhyming book about a child finding a frog in the toilet is so much fun! It's not about toilet training specifically, but it features a toilet and a bit of an accident at the end... a great way to inject a bit of humour and silliness into what can often be a stressful time. 

3. NO MORE NAPPIES by Big Steps Books


"Millie and Mo are playing. Mo suddenly needs a wee-wee! But, he doesn't make it to his potty in time. Never mind! Everyone has accidents!" No More Nappies is a positive, encouraging book for toddlers moving on from nappies, and does a great job of showing the ups and downs that come with the toilet training journey. With interactive lift-the-flaps for kids, and simple toilet training tips (endorsed by Early Years Consultant, Dr. Amanda Gummer) for parents, this one is a winner for us!

There is actually a whole series of these books too for all the new experiences your child will face e.g, going to the dentist, getting dressed, starting daycare. 



"Ella likes running and climbing and jumping - but she does not like her nappy!" With two alternate versions in this series, your child can follow Ella or Harry on their journey to become a potty superstar, as they learn all about using the toilet, washing hands, and having accidents. This book is framed using positive, encouraging language, and features tabbed pages so it is easy for your toddler to explore.

We particularly like that even though there is a "boy version" and a "girl version", the text and information is exactly the same - so you can get whichever character your child will best relate to or feel comfortable with. 

5. WHO DID THIS POO? by Claudia Boldt

Did you know that wombats poo in cubes? Whose poo is bigger - a hippo or a moose? Ok, ok, so this final recommendation is not exactly a book, but a fun matching game all about poo! What better way to normalise bodily functions and open up a dialogue about toilet training, than to play a game all about poo!? You and your child can match 27 animals to their poo, while also learning lots of fun poo facts. 

I hope you found these recommendations useful! We plan to get more of these books in stock in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, I also encourage you to support your local bookshop or check out your library (if you're able to do so)! 

x Karly
Owner, Bookieboo

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