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Parent Guide Activities - PETS

Parent Guide Activities - PETS

This month's books are all about those special little friends in our lives... pets! Dogs, cats and more. These books celebrate all types of pets, and the relationships we share with them.

Starting with the Bitty Box, we had tree sturdy board books - The Very Fluffy Kitty, Papillon, Pets: A Slide and Play Book, and Big Dog, Little Dog: Lift the Flap Opposites.

Language Concepts & Book Interaction: The Very Fluffy Kitty, Papillon (Papillon (1 ...

  • Make your own fluffy kitty like Papillon out of cotton wool balls! Instructions available HERE.
  • Papillon doesn't like wearing the clothes Miss Tilly puts him in. Do you like dressing up? What is your favourite dress up outfit?

Language Concepts & Book Interaction:

Pets: A Slide and Play Book by Surya Pinto

  • Allow your little one to explore the book independently before showing them how to use each slider. It's a great opportunity to develop problem-solving skills.
  • Little ones love imitating! Make the sound of each pet and encourage your child to copy! Can they guess which pet you're being? Can they pounce like a cat, wag their tail like a dog, or hop like a rabbit?

Language Concepts & Book Interaction:

Big Dog, Little Dog: Lift-the-Flap Opposites by Elo

  • Allow your little one to explore the book independently before showing them how to find and carefully lift each flap to reveal the opposite dog.
  • Play your own game of opposites around the house! Explore ‘on’ and ‘off’ with the light switch, ‘open’ and ‘close’ with the cupboard, and ‘lock’ and ‘unlock’ with the front door. How many pairs of opposites can you find?
  • Which dog pair is your favourite?
  • Make your own accordion short - long dog just like in the book. Template available HERE.

    Next up is our Biggie Box. In this month's box we had two gorgeous hardcover books: Flip Flap: Pets, and Barkley.

    Flip Flap Pets, Axel Scheffler's Flip Flap Series by Axel ...

    Language Concepts: 

    Flip Flap Pets Makes will introduce your child to rhyming lines and lots of new descriptive vocabulary! For new readers, read a line and ask them to repeat it. Explain what rhyming is and see if they can think of other words that rhymes (e.g., what rhymes with cat?). For more comfortable readers, ask them to choose a word they don’t recognise and try to figure out what it means using context clues and what they know about the traits of that pet.

    Discussion Topics:

    • Before reading - what kind of book do you think this is? Encourage readers to use the title and cover illustrations as clues. 
    • While reading – read the description of the animal aloud and see if your child can guess which animal it is describing before revealing the picture.
    • After reading – what kind of pets have you had? If you could have any pet (including any of the silly combinations), which pet would we have?

    Hands-On Activities:

    • What's the silliest animal you can create? Take turns flipping the top and bottoms of the animals and reading all about the traits of your new creatures.
    • Make your own flip flap pictures using magazine photos or print pictures off the internet. You can try with pictures of animals or people - cut them in half and try mixing and matching different heads and tails.

    Barkley by Rebecca Crane | 9781760651404 | Booktopia

    Language Concepts:

    Barkley is a great introduction to picture books with more developed story lines, while still being short enough to appeal to a young children. For younger readers, read a line and ask them to say it back to you - following the words on the page with their finger. This will help reinforce the behaviour of reading from top to bottom, left to right. Barkley also introduces describing words - or adjectives - written in bold throughout the story. 

    Discussion Topics:

    • Before reading - what do you think this book might be about? Encourage readers to use the title and cover illustrations as clues. 
    • While reading - When Barkley compares himself to other dogs, how does he end up feeling?
    • After reading - think about a time that you might have compared yourself to someone else like Barkley did (i.e. have you ever wished that you looked the same or had the same talents as someone else?) - How did it make you feel?

    Hands-On Activities:

    • Thinking about the describing words Barkley uses in the book, draw a picture of your perfect dog. Would she be fluffy or scruffy? Big or middle size? Spotty or fancy? Use different craft materials and things collected from outside to decorate your dog and give it lots of personality.
    • Give your dog a name and write down words to describe it - think about words to describe your dog's outward appearance and also words to describe it's personality. Can you think of words to describe your own personality?

    Our Family Box included one book from our Bitty Box and one from our Biggie Box. This month's books were Flip Flap: Pets and Big Dog, Little Dog: Lift the Flap Opposites.

    xx Karly
    Owner, Bookieboo 

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