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#beyondthebook Activity - Toilet Roll City

In this simple beyond the book activity inspired by In the City I See, you can create your very own city scape using painted toilet paper and paper towel rolls. You can make your city as big or as small as you'd like - you might even try to make some of the buildings look like those you see in your own city!

To set up this activity, you'll need:

  • Empty toilet paper/ paper towel rolls - at least 5 for a good sized city
  • Paint or markers to decorate
  • Scissors to cut buildings different sizes

Step 1: Decide how many buildings you would like to have in your city and how tall they will be. Will you have lots of tall buildings and then some short houses, or maybe lots of smaller buildings and only a couple really tall buildings? You might want to use the paper towel roll for the really tall buildings and toilet paper rolls for smaller buildings.

Step 2: Once you decide how you would like to set out your city, have a grown up help you to cut the toilet/ paper towel rolls down to the right sizes. 

Step 3: Use paint or markers to decorate your buildings. Make sure to add lots of windows!

Step 4: Once all your buildings are finished, it's time to put your city together! If you'd like to attach some of your buildings together, you can cut a slit in the side of the rolls and join them up.

That's it - you have now made your very own city! What other things can you make to add to your city? How about people or trees? 

xx Bookieboo

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