#beyondthebook Activity - Leaf Rubbing Artwork

#beyondthebook Activity - Leaf Rubbing Artwork

This beyond the book activity for Trees is all about exploring nature and looking at how leaves from different trees and plants are similar and different from each other. A great way to compare leaves is by doing a Leaf Rubbing!

To make your Leaf Rubbing, you’ll need:

  • Selection of leaves from different trees and plants
  • Crayons
  • Plain paper

This activity works best if you remove the outer paper from the crayon so it can be used sidewards. Simply place a leaf underneath the piece of paper and gently rub the side of the crayon across the surface of the leaf.

This activity can be extended in so many ways! Compare and contrast different leaves, talk about which leaves are big/ little, talk about the parts of a plant, even make an artwork by arranging the leaves in different ways!

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