#beyondthebook Activity - Heart Print Artwork

In this #beyondthebook activity inspired by Happy Heart, you can create your own heart print artwork using a simple toilet paper roll and some paint! You can even use this fun and easy technique to create your own wrapping paper.
To make your artwork, you'll need:
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Paint - we recommend pink and red for the love theme!
  • Paper - plain white printer paper is great for artwork, but larger butcher paper style is best for wrapping paper
  • A small plate to put the paint on

1. The first step is creating your stamp! Simply fold your toilet roll in half horizontally, and then bend to create a heart shape.

2. Squeeze out some paint on your plate - enough to dip the end of your stamp into. 

3. Dip the toilet roll heart stamp into the paint and then press onto your paper! You can create a pattern, or use different colours of paint to create lots of heart stamps. 

That's it! I'd love to see your artwork, so tag us @bookieboobox

x Karly

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