#beyondthebook Activity - Cupcake Owls

In this simple beyond the book activity inspired by Wow! It's Night-Time, you can create your own cute and curious little owls out of paper cupcake liners.
To make your owl, you’ll need:
  • Paper cupcake liners (normal size or patty cake)
  • Glue (white school glue is best)
  • Googley eyes (optional - you can just draw eyes on)
  • Coloured paper (for eyes/ feet)

To make your owl, simply fold the cupcake liner as shown below, and glue into place. Then cut out some big owl eyes from colourful paper or use googely eyes. Cut out some feet from paper and glue into place. That's it! 

Try making different size and patterned owls using different types of cupcake liners. If you wanted to create a BIG owl, you could follow the same instructions to make an owl out of a paper plate. 

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