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#beyondthebook Activity - Constellation Viewer

In this simple beyond the book activity inspired by Animals in the Sky and Look Up at the Stars, you can create your own mini constellation just like the ones in the book!
To make your constellation viewer, you’ll need:
  • Empty toilet roll
  • Sticky tape or rubber band
  • Scissors
  • Black paper
  • A safety pin, sewing pin, or knitting needle (something sharp to poke a small hole)
  1. Choose a constellation from Animals in the Sky to make for your constellation viewer, or you can choose another one if you'd prefer!
  2. Cut your black paper into a large circle - make sure it's quite a bit bigger than the toilet roll so you will be able to fold it over the sides. 
  3. Have an adult help you to poke holes in the black circle of paper in the same pattern of the constellation you chose. Make sure that the whole constellation would fit in the circle of the toilet roll. 
  4. Place the black paper constellation over your toilet roll tube, right side up, and fold over your pieces of black paper, securing them in place with tape, or a rubber band.
  5. Test it out!

Make sure all of the lights are on, and look through your viewer! Look through the open end of the toilet roll with one eye, keeping the other eye closed.  lie back on to your sleeping bags and start star-gazing. Look through each tube with one eye, keeping the other eye closed. Do you see your constellation?

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