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#beyondthebook Activity - Accordion Dog

In this simple beyond the book activity inspired by Big Dog, Little Dog: Flip the Flap Opposites, you can create your own short dog that magically transforms into a long dog, just like in the book!
To make your accordion dog, you’ll need:
  • Accordion dog template - HERE
  • A piece of plain paper (printer paper or another card stock is fine)
  • Scissors
  • Glue, tape or stapler to attach the accordion to the dog's body

This activity is quick and easy!

1. Print out the accordion dog template above and cut around the outline of the dog. Then, carefully cut the dashed line to chop the dog in half!

2. Cut a long strip of paper about 30 cm long, and 10 cm wide for the accordion. 

3. Fold the long strip of paper back and forth until you have the accordion shape. 

4. Glue, tape, or staple each end of the accordion onto one side of the dog, so that when you put the halves of the dog back together, it looks short, but when you pull the halves apart the dog stretches out like an accordion and becomes very long!

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